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Kid's Bath Bomb Workshop

June 24th


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Bring your kiddos and let them make their OWN bath bombs!! 🛁💣 They'll get to mix it up themselves, pick their colors, and mold it! 💟
Choose time + choose number of bath bombs.

Pricing PER KID--
$12 for two colors and two bath bombs
$20 for four colors and four bath bombs
They will pick the colors, mix the ingredients, add the fragrance or essential oil of their choice, and mold the bombs. They will take them home in the molds to harden overnight.

ingredients: Baking soda, citric acid, cream of tartar, milk powder, colors and fragrance
Colors are imported from Europe and meet European standards, 80% organic and based in salt (unlike food dye which is based in aluminum)
And fragrance is organic, made in USA, made from 100% plants, sunflower oil, and free from top 7 allergens