Calm and Clarity, 1 0z


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Ingredients Organic brahmi leaf, organic nettle leaf, organic dandelion root, organic turmeric root, organic catnip, organic alfalfa, organic palm-derived vegetable glycerin, and filtered water.

Calm and Clarity helps to promote even mood, better energy, and better mental clarity. It helps “high-needs” kids (and adults!) to feel calmer, think more clearly, and just all-around have a better time. Kids who struggle to pay attention in school may benefit from this! Calm and Clarity may also help with ADHD symptoms, like extra energy and trouble staying on task. Safe for kids with MTHFR, which is a huge issue for many families these days! We start with nourishing herbs that are high in natural vitamins and minerals, and include other herbs that specifically promote mental focus. This extract is made with palm-derived glycerin, and is alcohol-free, so it’s safe for all ages!