Anti-Inflammatory Herbal Extract, 1 oz


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Ingredients Our ingredients are simple: Cinnamon* Ginger* Orange peel* Motherwort* Echinacea* Vegetable glycerin* *certified organic ingredient

So many people are experiencing inflammation in their bodies… and that inflammation is connected to pain, low immunity, and poor health. Our Anti-Inflammatory Herbal Extract helps to support the body, reduce inflammation, promote gut health, support immunity, and improve overall wellness. Cinnamon has a long history of use for inflammation, pain, balancing blood sugar and blood pressure, and more. Ginger is used to support immunity, promote gut health, and calm inflammation throughout the body. It is also warming, in terms of Chinese medicine. Orange peel is rich in vitamin C, and a bitter flavor that helps stimulate digestion and improve gut health. Motherwort is anti-inflammatory, and also helps to improve mood and balance hormones. Echinacea has anti-bacterial properties, supports immune health, and promotes overall wellness. This is a powerful formula that supports the body, and can be used as a daily supplement to control inflammation and promote better wellness.